September 7, 2015

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“they say we’re losing centimetres
every year; as if we were
a beach that’s losing
ground with every salt advance

the night is overcast
but why not try, at least,
to touch the things our orbits
cannot hold, while there’s time
while we can.”
― Andrew McMillan

Brown Eyes

September 7, 2015

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“You were a summer gift, one I’ll always treasure. You were a dream I never wanted to wake up from. You opened my eyes to things I’ll never really see. You’re the best thing that will ever happen to me.”
― Ellen Hopkins

Anita’s Three Year Old

September 7, 2015

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“And you loved me like I was, and had always been, the answer and the question did not, and would never, matter.”


September 7, 2015

september 2015-bbqjohnson-06 (1 of 1)september 2015-bbqjohnson-03 (1 of 1) “I am yours
and I will whisper it
and shout it
and write it
and carve it into my skin
if only blood
would tell you
the truth you need to see.
I am yours
and I have never
been anyone’s elses.”

Sweet Girl

September 1, 2015

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“It is not so much light that falls over the world extended by your body –it’s suffocating snow, as brightness, pouring itself out of you, as you were burning inside.  Under your skin the moon is alive.” –Pablo Neruda

may2015-soap-10 (1 of 1) may2015-soap-06 (1 of 1)may2015-soap-07 (1 of 1)may2015-soap-05 (1 of 1) may2015-soap-08 (1 of 1)  may2015-soap-11 (1 of 1)may2015-soap-02 (1 of 1)may2015-soap-04 (1 of 1)may2015-soap-03 (1 of 1)“Love, I think, is a gateway to the world, not an escape from it.”
― Mark Doty

At Night

May 14, 2015

may2015-soap-09 (1 of 1)“What more do I need?
I don’t know how my book
will end.

All I know is that love
is not the modern invention
of rebellious young girls.

Love is ancient.
A legend.
The truth.”
― Margarita Engle

Cedar Oil

May 10, 2015

may2015-lisababyshower-69 (1 of 1) may2015-lisababyshower-68 (1 of 1) may2015-lisababyshower-67 (1 of 1)“You won’t understand what I mean now, but someday you will: the only trick of friendship, I think, is to find people who are better than you are—not smarter, not cooler, but kinder, and more generous, and more forgiving—and then to appreciate them for what they can teach you, and to try to listen to them when they tell you something about yourself, no matter how bad—or good—it might be, and to trust them, which is the hardest thing of all. But the best, as well.”
― Hanya Yanagihara

may2015-pig-01 (1 of 1) may2015-pig-02 (1 of 1) may2015-pig-03 (1 of 1)  may2015-pig-05 (1 of 1)may2015-pig-04 (1 of 1)“The wave does not need to die to become water. She is already water.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

Eggs and Chicks

April 3, 2015

april2015-goodfriday-01 (1 of 1)   april2015-goodfriday-08 (1 of 1)april2015-goodfriday-05 (1 of 1)april2015-goodfriday-06 (1 of 1) april2015-goodfriday-07 (1 of 1)“If a man is to live, he must be all alive, body, soul, mind, heart, spirit.”
― Thomas Merton