Kid’s Hill

February 17, 2015

feb2015-snow-35 (1 of 1) feb2015-snow-33 (1 of 1) feb2015-snow-31 (1 of 1) feb2015-snow-29 (1 of 1) feb2015-snow-28 (1 of 1) feb2015-snow-26 (1 of 1)feb2015-snow-36 (1 of 1)“Snow was falling,
so much like stars
filling the dark trees
that one could easily imagine
its reason for being was nothing more
than prettiness.”
― Mary Oliver

Cr and Scout

March 13, 2011

cr and cat

Shooting Range

March 13, 2011

bow and arrows with ben t 2bow and arrows with ben t 8

bow and arrows with ben t 9bow and arrows with ben t 5bow and arrows with ben t 10bow and arrows with ben t 11bow and arrows with ben t

Floors at Grace

November 16, 2010

finishing floors-1

‎"It is a terrible thing to be happy! How pleased we are with it! How all sufficient we think it! Being in possession of the false aim of life, happiness, we forget the true aim, duty"
Victor Hugo – Les Miserables

Polishing Wood

November 16, 2010

polishing floors at grace 2-1 polishing floors at grace-1

“Before him he saw two roads, both equally straight; but he did see two; and that terrified him–he who had never in his life known anything but one straight line. And, bitter anguish, these two roads were contradictory.”
— Victor Hugo (Les Misérables)


November 16, 2010

sanding at grace final 6-1

“To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.”
— Victor Hugo (Les Misérables)


November 15, 2010

dog bite final-1

Bow and Arrows

November 7, 2010

bow and arrows final 2-1 bow and arrows final 3-1  bow and arrows final 5-1 bow and arrows final 6-1 bow and arrows final 7-1

Today’s Essentials

October 19, 2010

grace street final-1 grace-1

Grace Street Renovations

October 19, 2010

grace street final 4-1 grace street final 7-1

grace street final 8-1 grace street final 10-1 grace street final 13-1