Golden Delicious

September 11, 2014

sept2014-applepicking-01 (1 of 1)“A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them; then work which one hopes may be of some use; then rest, nature, books, music, love for one’s neighbor — such is my idea of happiness.”
― Leo Tolstoy

Autumn’s Pinks and Yellows

September 9, 2014

sept2014-volkland-06 (1 of 1)“Her sentences were icebergs, with just the tip of her thought coming out of her mouth, and the rest kept up in her head, which I was starting to think was more and more beautiful the longer I looked at her.”
― Gregory Galloway

Geum Rivale

August 2, 2014


“I have lived with magic and without magic, and I can tell you with certainty that a life with magic is better….”
― Chris Bohjalian

Desert Blooms

July 8, 2014

july2014-desert-04 (1 of 1)“Every life has a watershed moment, an instant when you realize you’re about to make a choice that will define everything else you ever do, and that if you choose wrong, there may not be that many things left to choose. Sometimes the wrong choice is the only one that lets you face the end with dignity, grace, and the awareness that you’re doing the right thing.
I’m not sure we can recognize those moments until they’ve passed us.”
― Mira Grant


June 1, 2014

june 2014-fruit-06 (5 of 13)“A story-a true story-can heal as much as medicine can.”
― Eben Alexander


June 1, 2014

june 2014-fruit-04 (1 of 1) june 2014-fruit-05 (1 of 1)“Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything. Not some abstract, hard-to-fathom kind of love but the day-to-day kind that everyone knows-the kind of love we feel when we look at our spouse and our children, or even our animals. In its purest and most powerful form, this love is not jealous or selfish, but unconditional. This is the reality of realities, the incomprehensibly glorious truth of truths that lives and breathes at the core of everything that exists or will ever exist, and no remotely accurate understanding of who and what we are can be achieved by anyone who does not know it, and embody it in all of their actions.”
― Eben Alexander


June 1, 2014


“It is precisely because we resist the darkness in ourselves that we miss the depths of the loveliness, beauty, brilliance, creativity, and joy that lie at our core.”
― Thomas Moore

Turning Blue

June 1, 2014

june 2014-fruit-02 (1 of 1)“Love makes you want to be a better man. But maybe love, real love, also gives you permission to just be the man you are.”
― Gillian Flynn


May 13, 2014

may 2014-flowers-01 (1 of 1)“Adventure is important in life. Making memories matters. To have a great life you need great memories. Grab any intriguing offer. Say yes to a challenge and to the unknown. Be creative in adding drama and scope to your life. Work at it like a job. Money from effort comes and goes, but effort from imagination and following adventure creates stories that you keep forever. And anyone can do it.” 
― Rob Lowe

First Flower

March 16, 2014

First Flower

I am poured out like water,
And all my bones are out of joint;
My heart is like wax;
It is melted within me.  –Psalms