July 19, 2010

IMG_4057-polaIMG_3556-pola  stop final 13-1-pola IMG_3263-pola IMG_3273-pola stop final 25-1-polaIMG_3341-pola  the office (norweigain branch)-1-pola three generations final 2-1-pola norway houses final 5-1-pola   IMG_3127-polaIMG_3360-pola me and maren glacier final -1-pola01   IMG_3392-pola IMG_3482-pola IMG_3554-pola IMG_4151-pola IMG_4078-2-pola maren final-1-pola norway maren-12-pola norway maren-2-pola norway maren-3-pola stop final 7-1-pola

me final 3-1-pola

fjords final 2-1-pola IMG_2931-pola    IMG_3392-polastop final 5-1-pola IMG_4011-pola01 IMG_3915-pola norway maren-polanorway maren-19-pola beach final -1-polanorway houses final 16-1-pola norway houses final 25-1-pola

In Review

July 8, 2010

norway maren-20-pola norway maren-15-pola norway maren-65-pola01norway maren-13-pola norway maren-68-polanorway maren-44-pola  norway maren-88-pola  norway maren-69-pola


me final-1-pola norway maren-49-polarune and maren glacier final 2-1-pola


July 6, 2010

fjord final-1

On the Ferry

July 6, 2010

fjord 1 final 4-1

Tysnes Bergen

July 6, 2010

fjord 1 final 7-1 fjord 1 final 5-1 fjord 1 final 6-1

Crossing Fjords

July 6, 2010

fjord 1 final-1


July 6, 2010

stop final 21-1 stop final 22-1

Book City

July 4, 2010

norway houses final 2-1

 norway houses final 4-1 norway houses final 9-1