September 7, 2015

september 2015-bbqjohnson-06 (1 of 1)september 2015-bbqjohnson-03 (1 of 1) “I am yours
and I will whisper it
and shout it
and write it
and carve it into my skin
if only blood
would tell you
the truth you need to see.
I am yours
and I have never
been anyone’s elses.”

Weekend Vibes

April 12, 2015

april2015-land-22 (1 of 1)   april2015-land-25 (1 of 1) april2015-land-21 (1 of 1)april2015-land-29 (1 of 1)  april2015-land-35 (1 of 1)april2015-land-32 (1 of 1)april2015-land-31 (1 of 1)   april2015-land-40 (1 of 1)april2015-land-38 (1 of 1)april2015-land-07 (1 of 1)april2015-land-10 (1 of 1)“At the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit. And that center is really everywhere. It is within each of us.”
— Black Elk

Easter Tradition

April 5, 2015

april2015-easter-15 (1 of 1) april2015-easter-16 (1 of 1)      april2015-easter-22 (1 of 1) april2015-easter-17 (1 of 1)april2015-easter-18 (1 of 1)april2015-easter-20 (1 of 1)april2015-easter-21 (1 of 1)april2015-easter-23 (1 of 1)    april2015-easter-27 (1 of 1) april2015-easter-28 (1 of 1) april2015-easter-29 (1 of 1)april2015-easter-32 (1 of 1) april2015-easter-30 (1 of 1)     april2015-easter-35 (1 of 1)april2015-easter-24 (1 of 1)“You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.”
― Terence McKenna

Meet At Dunbar

February 18, 2015

feb2015-snow-45 (1 of 1) feb2015-snow-41 (1 of 1)feb2015-snow-42 (1 of 1)feb2015-snow-44 (1 of 1)feb2015-snow-50 (1 of 1)feb2015-snow-51 (1 of 1)feb2015-snow-43 (1 of 1)feb2015-snow-89 (1 of 1)feb2015-snow-70 (1 of 1)feb2015-snow-78 (1 of 1)“The wastes of snow on the hill were ghostly in the moonlight. The stars were piercingly bright.”
― Maud Hart Lovelace

january2015-timberhollys-12 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-27 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-15 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-16 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-17 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-18 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-19 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-03 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-28 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-02 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-05 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-29 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-06 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-11 (1 of 1)january2015-timberhollys-08 (1 of 1)“Desire demands only a constant attention to the unknown gravitational field which surrounds us and from which we can recharge ourselves every moment, as if breathing from the atmosphere of possibility itself. A life’s work is not a series of stepping-stones onto which we calmly place our feet, but more like an ocean crossing where there is no path, only a heading, a direction, which, of itself, is in conversation with the elements.”
― David Whyte

Hardly Working

April 7, 2014

april2014-ursa-27 (1 of 1)“Night is a time of rigor, but also of mercy. There are truths which one can see only when it’s dark”
― Isaac Bashevis Singer

Little Boy Learning

April 2, 2014

april2014-wise-06 (1 of 1)“There is always that dream of escape, but there is no place to escape to, you just run into yourself.”
― Willy Vlautin

Eleanor Turns One

September 8, 2013

eleanors bday14eleanors bday4eleanors bday20eleanors bday23

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“Let us try to recognize the precious nature of each day.”
― Dalai Lama XIV





“It was a though we’d been living for a year in a dense grove of old trees, a cluster of firs, each with its own rhythm and character, from whom our bodies had drawn not just shelter but perhaps even a kind of guidance as we grew into a family.”
― David Abram


February 12, 2013




“Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing.”
Oscar Wilde