Ladies Day Out

August 23, 2011


"For God’s sake, let’s take the word ‘possess’ and put a brick round its neck and drown it … We can’t possess one another. We can only give and hazard all we have."
— Dorothy L. Sayers

Wine and Cheese

August 23, 2011


"To subdue one’s self to one’s own ends might be dangerous, but to subdue one’s self to other people’s ends was dust and ashes. Yet there were those, still more unhappy, who envied even the ashy saltness of those dead sea apples."
— Dorothy L. Sayers

Retro Volkland

July 17, 2011

volkland hang out

Strawberry Picking

May 11, 2011

strawberry picking 7strawberry picking 8strawberry pickingstrawberry picking 9strawberry picking 2strawberry picking 3

Cr and Scout

March 13, 2011

cr and cat

Beer Flight

September 7, 2010

cr final-1

beer flight 5-1

For Sarah

August 27, 2010

all the girls final bw-1

A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
–Charles Dickens

Sexy BBQ

May 5, 2010

potluck final -1

The Feast

April 5, 2010

easter 2010 final-1 easter 2010 final 4-1easter 2010 final 8-1easter 2010 final 5-1easter 2010 final 7-1  easter 2010 final 3-1

CR and Merlyn

March 8, 2010

house fnal 4-1