Last Night

August 18, 2013




"In my experience, ghosts are made up only of the living, people you know are out there but are forever out of range"
— Adam Johnson





“It was a though we’d been living for a year in a dense grove of old trees, a cluster of firs, each with its own rhythm and character, from whom our bodies had drawn not just shelter but perhaps even a kind of guidance as we grew into a family.”
― David Abram

Tree Surgery

May 5, 2013

tree surgery2

tree surgerytree surgery6

“It’s dark now and I am very tired. I love you, always. Time is nothing.”
― Audrey Niffenegger

The Permaculturists

June 11, 2012

cob oven pizzas12

cob oven pizzas8

"But love, sooner or later, forces us out of time. It does not accept that limit. Of all that we feel and do, all the virtues and all the sins, love alone crowds us at last over the edge of the world. For love is always more than a little strange here. It is not explainable or even justifiable. It is itself the justifier. We do not make it. If it did not happen to us, we could not imagine it. It includes the world and time as a pregnant woman includes her child whose wrongs she will suffer and forgive. It is in the world but is not altogether of it. It is of eternity. It takes us there when it most holds us here."
— Wendell Berry

Chris and Melissa

June 21, 2010

wedding sepia final-1

The Reluctant Gardener

May 28, 2010

pig sit final 4-1

Chris and Melissa

April 29, 2010

chris melissa final 8-1 

chris melissa final 13-1  chris melissa final 12-1 chris melissa final 9-1