Spark Plugs

May 8, 2015

may2015-motorcycles-09 (1 of 1)may2015-motorcycles-23 (1 of 1)may2015-motorcycles-25 (1 of 1)may2015-motorcycles-26 (1 of 1)No story is a straight line. The geometry of a human life is too imperfect and complex, too distorted by the laughter of time and the bewildering intricacies of fate to admit the straight line into its system of laws.”
― Pat Conroy

Things That Run Fast

May 8, 2015

may2015-motorcycles-18 (1 of 1)may2015-motorcycles-21 (1 of 1) may2015-motorcycles-20 (1 of 1)  may2015-motorcycles-17 (1 of 1) may2015-motorcycles-14 (1 of 1) may2015-motorcycles-15 (1 of 1) may2015-motorcycles-12 (1 of 1) may2015-motorcycles-13 (1 of 1)may2015-motorcycles-11 (1 of 1)“Cherish your wilderness.”
― Maxine Kumin

Rebel Rider

May 7, 2015

may2015-motorcycles-01 (1 of 1)A root seeks water.
Tenderness only breaks open the earth.
This morning, out the window,
the deer stood like a blessing, then vanished.”
― Jane Hirshfield


May 7, 2015

may2015-hike-49 (1 of 1)“Love is a cliff,
A clear, cold curve of stone, mottled by stars,
Smirched by the morning, carved by the dark sea
Till stars and dawn and waves can slash no more,
Till the rock’s heart is found and shaped again.”
― James Wright

may2015-hike-28 (1 of 1)may2015-hike-53 (1 of 1)may2015-hike-45 (1 of 1)may2015-hike-26 (1 of 1)may2015-hike-39 (1 of 1)may2015-hike-50 (1 of 1)may2015-hike-37 (1 of 1)may2015-hike-34 (1 of 1)

“I’ve had it with all stingy-hearted sons of bitches.
A heart is to be spent.”

― Stephen Dunn

Bruce and Kathy

May 7, 2015

may2015-hike-30 (1 of 1)“Bring to me, it said, continual proof / you’ve been alive.”
― Stephen Dunn

may2015-hike-01 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-02 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-04 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-07 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-05 (1 of 1)may2015-hike-08 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-10 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-09 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-12 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-11 (1 of 1)may2015-hike-16 (1 of 1)  may2015-hike-17 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-18 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-22 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-24 (1 of 1) may2015-hike-25 (1 of 1)“The mind I love must have wild places.”
― Katherine Mansfield

Bruce and Kathy

March 17, 2014

march2014-vistors-01 (1 of 1)

“But that’s just it; I can either focus on what I have lost, or what I have gained, and I choose the latter.”
― Angie Smith

Sausage Making: Part One

March 11, 2014

Sausage Making: Part One

march2014-sausage-03-small (1 of 1) march2014-sausage-05-small (1 of 1)

“The coast is an edgy place. Living on the coast presents certain stark realities and a wild, rare beauty. Continent confronts ocean. Weather intensifies. It’s a place of tide and tantrum; of flirtations among fresh- and saltwaters, forests and shores; of tense negotiations with an ocean that gives much but demands more. Every year the raw rim that is this coast gets hammered and reshaped like molten bronze. This place roils with power and a sometimes terrible beauty. The coast remains youthful, daring, uncertain about tomorrow. The guessing, the risk; in a way, we’re all thrill seekers here.”
― Carl Safina


December 29, 2012



“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.”
― Thomas Merton