Hand Prints

November 22, 2015

november2015-riley9bday-17 (1 of 1)“Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.”
― Miguel Ruiz

Piles of Art

January 4, 2015

january2015-volkland-01 (1 of 1)january2015-volkland-02 (1 of 1)“I’d rather be broken than wasted.”
― Rainbow Rowell

The Illustrator

June 22, 2013






"Understand: the task of an activist is not to negotiate systems of power with as much personal integrity as possible–it’s to dismantle those systems."
— Lierre Keith

The Artist

January 29, 2013



“Do you really want to be happy? You can begin by being appreciative of who you are and what you’ve got.”
― Benjamin Hoff


“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”
― Paulo Coelho

Gifts from a Friend

January 5, 2013


“What should I do about the wild and the tame? The wild heart that wants to be free, and the tame heart that wants to come home. I want to be held. I don’t want you to come too close. I want you to scoop me up and bring me home at nights. I don’t want to tell you where I am. I want to keep a place among the rocks where no one can find me. I want to be with you.”
― Jeanette Winterson

Tree and Milk

June 13, 2012


“In each of us, two natures are at war – the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, and one of them must conquer. But in our own hands lies the power to choose – what we want most to be we are.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson

Art and Life

June 13, 2012


“Love is the strongest power there is.”
― J.K. Rowling


June 12, 2012


“Teach only love for that is what you are.”
― Helen Schucman

Chalk Dragons

May 28, 2012


“All art is a kind of confession, more or less oblique. All artists, if they are to survive, are forced, at last, to tell the whole story; to vomit the anguish up.”
― James Baldwin