Puddles, Leaves, and Treasures

October 21, 2015

october2015-walk-15-small (1 of 1)october2015-walk-06-small (1 of 1)october2015-walk-04-small (1 of 1)  october2015-walk-07-small (1 of 1) october2015-walk-08-small (1 of 1) october2015-walk-10-small (1 of 1)october2015-walk-09-small (1 of 1)“A small boy searches for a way to explain life with all its complexities. His Cherokee grandfather smiles and explains life in all its simplicities. Many years later, another small boy talks about the simple things of life, while his father describes how complex life is today. Inside, the father feels the not-so-distant words of his grandfather speaking softly: You are not just alive, you are part of all life itself. You are kin to all things, and everything has life . . . and memory. Things have a way of coming full circle—as a way of completing the Circle, and creating opportunities for life, love, growth, feeling, and learning.”
― J.T. Garrett

One Response to “Puddles, Leaves, and Treasures”

  1. Luisa said

    What beautiful words

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