The Little’s Last Day

August 15, 2011


“We believe that death is not the end, and that life and death are complementary.  So when you embrace sallekhana you are embracing a whole new life – it’s no more than going from one room to another.”  –William Dalrymple (Nine Lives)

5 Responses to “The Little’s Last Day”

  1. margie said

    How lucky we are to have our lives enriched by these precious friends, from the animal world. They ask for so little and give so much.

    Goodbye to Lappy, you gave all to many and special love and companionship to Rachel and Ben.

    You will be remembered for ever X

  2. luisa said

    Hi Rachel, so he is gone….i am sorry. I am really sorry. But i know he had a good litle life:-)

  3. Ben Taylor said

    Little I will miss you. You gave me so much fun and happiness. Of course, you could be frosty at times with all the back turning and foot stomping, but that just made me love you more.

    I still remember the day Rachel brought you home. Look how you were even littler!

    I’m sad that I wont be able to see you run around throwing yourself in the air again. I’ll also miss our mornings on the porch taking in the world, me drinking coffee and you stealing succulents (naughty girl!)

    Kisses from me Lap x

  4. mytangledbranches said

    ok. the memorial from ben was too cute. now i have nothing to say…except that i love you, rach!

  5. folktale said

    Oh rachel. I am so sorry you lost your lap. i love and miss you and wish i could offer you comfort in person. all my love, sj.

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