The Surprise Toast

May 10, 2011

toast 3toasttoast 4toast 5

As I sit here and look at the salted fish heads staring back up at me
from my bowl of Luke warm ramen noodles, I can’t help but wish I was
at your wedding. Over the years you have always been there for me –
you were there to build a trap door in the barn that caught me and
hung me upside down, and you were there to take me out of the trap;
you were there to elbow me in the face and after watching it swell up
under my eye you were there to point out that I was one of the lucky
few that got to see their own face, not just its reflection; to explain the proper procedure
for dismounting a moving train just moments after I faceplanted in the
gravel for doing it wrong; to teach me that in order to survive In the
world I better learn to defend a triangle choke … Basically you’ve
always been there for me and even when I’m far away I know we are with
each other in spirit and prayer. You have always been a living example
to me of what it looks like to live out our faith, and I really can’t
explain what an advantage that has been to me in life. Thanks so much.
I know I also speak for Caleb and dad when I say I wish I was there, I
am so excited for you to get married, to have Lisa in the family, and
to see how god works through the two of you together. So I support you
in every way exept maybe financially , love you lots, man – here’s to
you getting married…” –Jordan Jonas

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