Remembering Monte

November 7, 2010

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an open letter to thee Grim Reaper; Azrael, O Angel ov Death,&c…
can you stop taking our frendz.
fer a lil’ while
can they
time out.
cease fire.
give us sum time to wrap our hedz around the fact
that they are GONE.
ain’t nevr coming back.
Before you slap us upside thee hed again,
i know
we all have an appointment we must keep,
just tell my frendz
not to be in such a godamnd hurry.   –Edvard Corvax

2 Responses to “Remembering Monte”

  1. Mopac Matt said

    Monte. Kid. What. What. I talk to you like a couple months back.

    The Gas chamber in Eugene. Your settlement in LA. Squatting in Hollywood. Hanging in the T-loin in SF. Riding from Nola to Montgomery/Irondale/Savannah.

    Im a tad scared. I dont know what to say, but yeah. Please stop taking us, its certainly not right or fair. Ride hard Monte, love ya kid.


  2. Wino said

    I met Monte when he first started hanging out in Hollywood. I think at that time he was actually just coming out for the weekend. He was trying to be so tough, but you could see in his eyes that he was slightly scared. …..But loving every second of it!
    He could piss people off like no other, & just giggle his ass off about it. I think thats what ill miss the most. See ya at the big rock candy mountain brother

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