July 19, 2010

IMG_4057-polaIMG_3556-pola  stop final 13-1-pola IMG_3263-pola IMG_3273-pola stop final 25-1-polaIMG_3341-pola  the office (norweigain branch)-1-pola three generations final 2-1-pola norway houses final 5-1-pola   IMG_3127-polaIMG_3360-pola me and maren glacier final -1-pola01   IMG_3392-pola IMG_3482-pola IMG_3554-pola IMG_4151-pola IMG_4078-2-pola maren final-1-pola norway maren-12-pola norway maren-2-pola norway maren-3-pola stop final 7-1-pola

me final 3-1-pola

3 Responses to “Highlights”

  1. Maren said

    What a beautiful summary of a perfect vacation!
    Hope you’ll come again soon. 🙂


  2. jor said

    so rachel i was with a lady, Marisha, here at the orphanage and she said your picture was beautiful and that you were definitly “whiter” than me haha

  3. Andrew said

    Hi from Spain, Rachel.

    Nice photograph. I’m hoping to get to visit my cousins in Denmark sometime in the future. Let me know when you guys want to visit Spain. We’d love to see you.

    Love your photography,

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