1000th Post: A Look Back

November 13, 2009

March 2007

fav march 2007 

April 2007

 fave april 2007

May 2007

fav may 2007

June 2007

fav june 2007

July 2007

fav july 2007

August 2007

fav aug 2007

September 2007

fav sept 2007

October 2007

fav oct 2007

November 2007

fav nov 2007

December 2007

fav dec 2007

January 2008

fav jan 2008

February 2008

fav feb 2008

March 2008

fav march 2008

April 2008

fav april 2008

May 2008

fav may 2008

June 2008

fav july 2008

July 2008

fav july 2008 2

August 2008

fav aug 2008

September 2008

fav sept 2008

October 2008

fav oct 2008

November 2008

fav nov 2008

December 2008

fav dec 2008

January 2009

fav jan 2009

February 2009

fav feb 2009

March 2009

fav march 2009

April 2009

fav april 2009

May 2009

fav may 2009

June 2009

fav june 2009

July 2009

fav july 2009

August 2009

fav aug 2009

September 2009

fav sept 2009

October 2009

fav oct 2009

November 2009

fav oct 2009 2

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all.”

—Hans Christian Andersen

11 Responses to “1000th Post: A Look Back”

  1. becca said

    thats such a great timeline

  2. Ben Taylor said

    Congratulations Rach. Your blog is awesome and has brought happiness to many. I have huge respect for the dedication you have shown in posting pictures on a daily basis for all this time. I look forward to being in some of the next 1000.

    FYI – Scrolling through your 1000th post has made me well up a little bit (note to Jordan and Henry, I DID NOT cry).

    See you later for a well deserved celebration.

  3. Ben Taylor said

    PS Who is that odd looking bearded bloke on the crutches?

  4. MM Kool K said


    They are absolurely fab. I particulary love the chick, but I’ve always been a bird man.

    See you Sunday


  5. Thanks for the encouragement Ben, Matt and Becca. I have really enjoyed keeping this journal.

  6. Dan said

    Wow. Really lovely pictures! What an amazing achievement. Quite inspiring! x

    (The picture of Ben on June 2008 with lard on his nose is a bit scary though. I guess you’ve got to have ying with your yang.)

  7. Si said


    I love August 2007 – i reckon me and T should try that next time we hook up…..but we might need to reduce the load a bit….

    Note to Jordan and Henry – anyone who uses CAPS is lying!


  8. lea ann said

    Rachel! Such a great job with these photos! I’ve “only” read your blog for a year..look like I need to dig back into the archives. Gorgeous photos.

    Lea Ann

  9. jordan said

    id say october 2009 is hands down the best photo…rustic and yet refined. thats funny it made ben cry! i guess im not sure its funny, but it is enlightening

  10. margie said

    Dear Rachel
    Thank you for all of the lovely photos they have been a fantastic log-blog. You have introduced us all photographically. Kept us all in touch. Even thou we may never meet, we know about each other and we have all been able to catch a glimse of our different daily lives and surroundings.I am sure its been good for all.
    So from a cold wet Banbury in Oxfordshire UK Seasons Greetings to you All out there and have a Happy and Healthy New Year from all of the Taylors at Blenheim Farm…. and Chirpy X

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